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Boiler Control Devices
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Physical Properties
Type of Device Boiler Control Devices
Device Size 150 mm X 90 mm X 80 mm
Storage Temperature / Operating Temperature -20 C to +60 C
Storage Humidity / Operating Humidity 90% max. (None condensing)
Installation Fixed installation
Operating Conditions Continuous
Environmental Ratings Standard, indoor at an altitude of less than 2000 meters with none condensing humidity.
Device Supply Voltage and Power 220V AC
Temperature Sensor Inputs NTC(10K)
Accuracy +-%1
Sensor Break Protection Upscale
Reading Frequency 600 ms
Input Resistance 1k
Electrical Life 50.000 Operation - Full Load
Display LCD
Communication RF
Compliant Standards CE, TSE
Operational Properties
With this control, we can see the settings entered in the device and make changes.
It can work dependent on the room thermostat. In this way, it works depending on the temperature of the room and provides energy saving as well as providing a comfortable warming pleasure by fixing the room temperature.
NTC sensor on the remote control allows you to see the temperature of the room.